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AEM M14 x 1.5 Bung Weld-In Fitting 35-2055
AEM 52mm Oil Pressure 150psi Digital Gauge 30-4407
AEM MEFI PNP Jumper Kit for Infinity Series 3 ECU 30-3829
AEM 52mm Boost Digital Gauge -30-50psi 30-4408
AEM 90-93 Accord DX/LX/SE/EX & 92-01 Prelude S/Si/Si VTEC Black Fuel Rail 25-104BK
AEM DTM-Style 2-Way Plug Connector Kit - Includes Plug/Plug Wedge Lock/3 Female Pins 35-2618
AEM CD Carbon AEMNet Power Adapter w/ Standard 12V Automotive Power Port Interface 30-2227
AEM Infinity IP67 spec logging cable 30-3602
AEM Infinity Oxygen Sensor Extension Harness 30-3600
AEM Infinity 6/8h PnP Jumper Harness 30-3502
AEM X-Series Boost Pressure -30inHg 35psi Gauge 30-0306
AEM CD-5/7 Carbon Digital Dash PnP Adapter Harness for Can-Am Maverick X3 30-2232
AEM AQ-1 96in Flying Lead Wiring Harness 30-2906-96
AEM Cam Angle Sensor Disk for SR20DET Pulsar GTiR (54mm OD) 30-8762
AEM 1 Channel Coil Driver Accessory 30-2843
AEM CD Element T-Shirt Black - Large 02-2017L
AEM V2 5 Gal Tank Kit w/ Conductive Fluid Level Sensor 30-3320
AEM Series 2 EMS 30-6030
AEM Infinity-8/10/ PnP Jumper Harness 30-3550
AEM Replacement Sensor Harness for Digital Wideband Gauge (30-4110) 30-3441
AEM 92-01 Honda Prelude Si VTEC/ Base & SH True Black Tru-Time Cam Gear 23-801BK
AEM Infinity Core Harness - MAG Cam / HALL Crank 30-3805-05
AEM Infinity Core Accessory Wiring Harness 30-3805-10
AEM V3 One Gallon Water/Methanol Injection Kit - Multi Input 30-3350
AEM Ethanol Content Flex Fuel Sensor Kit 30-2200
AEM 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module 30-2226
AEM CD Element T-Shirt Black - Small 02-2017S
AEM 340LPH 65mm Fuel Pump Kit w/ Mounting Hooks - Ethanol Compatible 50-1215
AEM CD-5L Carbon Logging Digital Dash Display 30-5601
AEM X-Series EGT Gauge Accessory Kit 30-0305-ACC
AEM Plug and Pin Kit for EMS 30-1002/1040s/1310/1311/1312/1313s/1710/1720 35-2611
AEM Universal High Volume Fuel Filter Element 25-202
AEM MoTeC ECUs M4 / M48 / M8 / M2R / MLS Serial to AEMnet CAN Bus Adapter Cable 30-2230
AEM Water/Methanol Injection 200psi Recirculation Pump 30-3018
AEM 1/8 NPTM to 1/4 Tube Fitting 35-4531
AEM 96-00 Civic CX/DX/LX/EX & 96-97 Del Sol S/Si Black Fuel Rail 25-109BK
AEM 150 PSIg MAP Brass Sensor Kit (Includes 150 PSIg Brass Sensor & 12in Flying Lead Connector) 30-2131-150
AEM V2 Diesel Water/Methanol Injection Kit - NO TANK (Internal Map) 30-3303
AEM CD-5 Universal Flush Mount Panel 20in x 10in 30-5540
AEM Bosch LSU 4.9 UEGO Replacement Sensor 30-2004
AEM Water / Methanol Inline Injection Filter 30-3003
AEM 32 Pin Connector for EMS 30-1010s/1020/1050s/1060/6050s/6060 3-1002-32
AEM X-Series AEMnet Can Bus Gauge Kit 30-0312
AEM 02 Sensor Plug 35-4001
AEM CD-7 Universal Flush Mount Panel 20in x 10in 30-5541
AEM -10 Inlet Port Fitting for Inline Hi Flow Fuel Pump 50-200-10
AEM Series 2 EMS 30-6600
AEM -6AN to -8AN Discharge Fitting w/ Check Valve for Inline Hi Flow Fuel Pump 50-200-08
AEM 3.5 BAR MAP or 50 PSIA Brass Sensor Kit & Flying Lead 30-2131-50
AEM AEMnet 5 Foot Extension Cable 30-3607
AEM 8 Channel K-Type Thermocouple EGT CAN Module 30-2224
AEM RTD Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Kit 30-2052
AEM CD-5 Carbon Flush Digital Dash Display 30-5600F
AEM Single K-Type Thermocouple Kit - 4 Pack 30-2068-4
AEM DTM-Style 8-Way Conn Kit w/ Plug/Rec/Plug Wedge Lock/Rec Wedge Lock/9 Male Pins/9 Female Pins 35-2632
AEM Cam Gear Adjustable Six Point Hex Bolt - 5/16 x 1/2 inch 1-2037-12
AEM X-Series Pressure 0-15psi Gauge Accessory Kit 30-0309-ACC
AEM Universal Black Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 25-302BK
AEM Honda High Volume Fuel Rail Port Plug -6 (9/16 -18) 2-604
AEM Infinity-6/8h PnP Jumper Harness 30-3508
AEM Infinity Series 3 EMS 30-7114
AEM Universal EMS Wideband 02 Kit Sensor/ Bung/ Connector/ Wire-Seals/ Pins 30-2002
AEM Bosch LSU 4.9 UEGO Replacement Sensor w/ Connector 30-2005
AEM 2 BAR MAP or 30 PSIA Brass Sensor Kit & Flying Lead 30-2131-30
AEM Water/Methanol Injection Nylon Hose 30-3314
AEM Ethanol Content Flex Fuel Sensor w/ -6AN fittings Kit 30-2201
AEM DTM-Style 6-Way Plug Connector Kit w/Plug, Plug Wedge Lock & 7 Female Pins 35-2627
AEM X-Series OBDII Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge 30-0334
AEM CD-7G Carbon Flush Digital Dash Display w/ Internal 20Hz GPS & Antenna 30-5702F
AEM 2 BAR MAP or 30 PSIA Stainless Steel Sensor Kit 30-2130-30
AEM 1 BAR MAP or 15 PSIA Stainless Steel Sensor Kit 30-2130-15
AEM Power Harness for 30-0300 X-Series Wideband Gauge 30-3459
AEM CD-5G Carbon Flush Digital Dash Display w/ Internal 20Hz GPS & Antenna 30-5602F
AEM CD-5/CD-7 Plug and Play Adapter Harness for 2016+ Polaris RZR XP & XPT 30-2219
AEM No-Weld O2 Sensor Mount for 1.75 to 2.0 inch Diameter Pipe 30-2355-200
AEM CD Element T-Shirt Black - XXL 02-2017XXL
AEM 4 Channel Coil Driver 30-2840
AEM Conductive Fluid Level Sensor and Flying Lead Connector 30-3322
AEM 88-95 Honda Civic/ 93-95 Del Sol S & Si Black Tru-Time Cam Gear 23-800BK
AEM PCB to Gauge LSU4.2 Sensor Cable 30-2131
AEM Main Harness for X-Series Temp Gauge (30-0302) 30-3443
AEM Main Harness for 30-0311 X-Series OBD2 Gauge 30-3458
AEM Infinity-8 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System EMS 30-7101
AEM Replacement Pre-Filter for Fuel Pump(PN: 50-1200/1215/1220) 50-1101
AEM Battery Management System Satellite (MUST BE USED WITH MASTER - 18 Cell Taps) 30-8401S
AEM Ford V8 Injector Sub Harness 30-3805-01
AEM DTM Style 4-Way Receptacle Connector Kit with 5 Female Pins 35-2624
AEM Series 2 EMS 30-6040
AEM X-Series Pressure 0-15psi Gauge Kit 30-0309
AEM Series 2 EMS 30-6050
AEM X-Series Volt Gauge Accessory Kit 30-0303-ACC
AEM K-Type Thermocouple Kit 0-1800F 30-2065
AEM Coolant Temperature Sensor Kit w/3/8 inch Female Weld-In Aluminum Bung 30-2011
AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge 30-0300
AEM Infinity-6 30-7106
AEM CD-7 Mounting Bracket and RAM Ball (For RAM Mount Kit) 30-5546
AEM V2 HD Controller Kit - Internal MAP w/ 40psi Max 30-3306
AEM 380LPH High Pressure Fuel Pump -6AN Female Out, -10AN Female In 50-1005
AEM X-Series OBDII Gauge Accessory Kit 30-0311-ACC
AEM DTM-Style 3 Way Plug Connector w/ Pins 35-2623
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